Jazz Piano

$12.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Size:11X14 inches

Glazed Ceramic Tile by Benaya

Felt Backed, with easel attached for table display and hanger attached for wall display


For centuries hand painted ceramics have been revered and collected by people from all walks of life.  Raw clay is formed into a bisque; the picture is then drawn onto it and the raised line work (tube lining) is then applied by hand; the artist then applies the colors in layers, giving it that rich depth perception. Finally it is fired at 1000° Celsius(1800° Fahrenheit) for 22 hours.

The composition of the clay and of the glaze are very different, and the heating and cooling cause minute amounts of shrinkage and expansion. This contributes to movement in these elements, which results in the effect known as “crazing.”  Crazing, minute cracks, can happen at different stages of the tile’s life, ranging from hours after being fired to months or even years later. Master craftspeople consider the product to be “alive” and liken crazing in tile to ageing in people, although new glaze formulae reduce crazing as much as possible