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Size: 7/8 in L x 3/4 in W

Custom sizes are available with 8-week delivery.  For help with sizing, please contact us by phone: 262-248-8008  Shop hours are 10:00 - 6:00 daily, Central Time, from May through December, and 10:30 - 5:00 January through April.


About Liquid Metal

The Liquid Metal items we sell online are all made of nickel. Unlike silver, nickel imparts a lustrous sheen which never tarnishes. Care is simple. A few drops of shampoo in a glass of warm water. Let sit for an hour or so and then rinse. This will remove any dullness resulting from skin oil and restore the sheen. Do not use jewelry cleaner or a jewelry polishing cloth as these will dull the nickel.

Liquid Metal is the trademark of Sergio Guttierez. Sergio was born in Columbia in 1965. He studied electronic engineering while living in Medellin, Columbia. In 1991 he moved to San Francisco where he began researching ways of using ball chain to create a mesh-like fabric. After two years he developed what is now the basis of his Liquid Metal Mesh line of jewelry and accessories. In 1994 designer Betsy Johnson was the first who approached Sergio about creating exclusive design for her chain of retail stores.

In 1996 he located to Miami. Soon thereafter his company began growing with the addition of Nordstrom, Bebe and Cache to his client list.

His designs are collected and worn by celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Annette Benning, Cher, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Thalia, Patricia Wettig, Tyra Banks, Julie Warner and many more. People wear his jewelry and accessories daily as if they were an extension of themselves.

“At the heart of all Gutierrez’s design is the sensuous and unique mesh that is both contemporary and timeless,” Benjamin Paul, Fashion Critic.